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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

As a mother 3x over, it was always easy for me to forget the magic and miracle that is human creation. Between nausea, the inability the tie my shoes, or the assumptions made by others that I couldn't carry my own groceries into the house - feeling empowered wasn't usually at the top of my list. But when I reached out to an old friend I knew from Elementary days, all I could think about was how empowered she was. She was beautiful, and creating a soul out of only the things she had in her body - so that is what I set out to capture. We headed to The Great Saltair at The Great Salt Lake in Magna, Utah and capture some sacred moments.

1. Some of the things to remember when planning a maternity shoot is to also be mindful of any limitations you might have as a Maternity Goddess - ability to walk around an area. Do you feel comfortable doing any hiking, walking, or climbing? This will allow your photographer to choose a spot that is perfect for you, and makes you feel 100% comfortable during this time.

2. When is the best time to schedule your session? Well, you know your body and your new little one more than anyone else so the best thing is to make sure you are listening to your needs and wants. However, the best time I have seen is right around 32-35 weeks along. You are feeling beautiful, your baby bump is showing, yet you are still able to get around. When working with your photographer, make sure to set a time right around that timeline.

3. Most importantly - take care of you, make sure you are comfortable, and get ready to slay honey!


Llamas + Elvis,


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