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Portrait Photography

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Portrait [pawr-trit]:

Captures the personality or essence of a subject. Not just a picture with a person in it. A "clinical" portrait might not attempt to reveal the soul of a person, but it still needs to capture something of that person's uniqueness — or else it's not a portrait.

Since picking up a camera, I’ve seen over and over just how stressful getting your picture taken can be for a person. I’ve heard everything from “can you make me look skinnier” to “I'm just so awkward” all the way to “please don’t show it to me”, and it made me realize just how uncomfortable we are with our own body, and we fear that a photo might capture everything we dislike about ourselves. Ask me how I know.....because I’ve been that way since my teenage years. After having this realization, I made it my purpose to empower my clients get to a place where not only are they open to getting their photo taken, but they are excited – helping them embrace the beauty and authenticity that is them.

How can I help someone get comfortable in their own skin you ask? It’s simple, capture them doing something that is so innately them, their passion – something that makes them forget you are there. I look for activities that seem so second nature and allows my client to get comfortable. Things like:

· Getting ready for the day

· Cooking dinner

· Cutting a client’s hair

· Dinner with friends

· Painting

· A trip to the farmer’s market

The next thing I do is quite simple, let you do what you do best and be ready with my camera. As soon as you start doing the thing you love I can capture your magic, your authentic self, free of your fear of what your smile or body looks like, and what people might think and the end result is empowering you to be happy with yourself.

So, if you are looking for professional head shots, portrait photos for your website, portfolio, or just want something to gift to your lover, family, or friends let me be your way finder in revealing your soul.


Llamas & Elvis,


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