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Salt and what?

I never thought of myself as a creative person, I was a doer – the person the boss called to do the work no one else could get across the finish line. Spreadsheets, planning, execution – those were in my wheelhouse, I mean I’m a Capricorn through and through – what do you expect? But about 2 years ago I had an aching, a pull, a primal desire to create. How and why, now that was the part, I just wasn’t quite sure of. As I was tossing and turning in my bed one night a name came to me, Salt and Stem. Seemed rather odd as I didn’t even have a business to name. As I have pondered the meaning and why it was given to me through every opportunity I take, it has become so clear.

Life is made up of a balance – black and white, life and death, good and bad. That is the detail I can see through my lens. The ability to view all sides and capture the magic and beauty of it all. You see, that is why my name is Salt and Stem. It represents all of those side – a stem is the giver of life for flowers, it allows it to stay planted to the ground – giving it nourishment, reassurance, and strength. Salt is the shadow side of that coin. It is an extreme element that makes it near impossible for life to grow, and when ingested in large amounts can even cause death. They are the alpha and omega – the beginning and end. I am merely the photographer given the opportunity to capture all sides.

Llama + Elvis,


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